IDY-Integrative Dynamic Yoga™ is the premier yoga of the Northern California Yoga Institute, located in Chico, California. The Northern California Yoga Institute offers 200-hour Registered Teacher Trainings in Chico and Sacramento, California and Reno, Nevada. The Northern California Yoga Institute also offers workshops, advanced studies and other IDY Training Programs.

Kamela "Kamie" Noelani Loeser, E-RYT is the founder and program director of the Northern California Yoga Institute and creator of IDY. Kamie is the Principal IDY Instructor and teaches all Yoga Teacher Trainings, Workshops, and Advanced Studies programs.

What is IDY-Integrative Dynamic Yoga™?

IDY - Integrative Dynamic Yoga™ is a systematic method to enhance and “reintegrate" mind/body consciousness.  IDY expounds the Seven Principles of Synergy that are a fusion of traditional yoga practices and the fundamental principles of exercise science, fitness, and functional movement. IDY works to establish optimal health, fitness, personal well-being, and self and spiritual awareness. IDY is:

  • Integrative - IDY combines diverse elements into a whole.
  • Dynamic - IDY is an interactive process relating to energy in motion.
  • Yoga - IDY is a means to unify mind/body consciousness with self-awareness and self-expression. From this place of connection, we live, experience, express, and celebrate the gift of life moment-by-moment.

Classes, Workshops, Trainings & Programs:

The Northern California Yoga Institute offers IDY classes, specialty classes, workshops, 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher Training, and advanced studies programs in Chico and Sacramento, California and Reno, Nevada. The educational intent and focus of each program varies; however all are designed to expand and deepen one's knowledge and experience of IDY and the essence of Yoga.

IDY Classes with Kamie

IDY Workshops

200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher Training

Joyful Birth Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training

IDY Yoga Therapy 300-hour Training

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